The Benefits of Buying a Newly Constructed Home


Today, there are a lot of cheap and foreclosed homes to choose from.  But, even if it is so tempting to buy a previously owner home because of great deals, you should also note that there is more advantage in buying a newly constructed home.  New homes have a lot of selling points despite being more costly that homes that are being resold.  Here are some of the good reasons that you should consider buying a new home constructed by a reliable home builder.

It is possible to customize the home to fit your taste and standards if you buy a new home.  Buyers are allowed by the home builder to contribute their ideas in the designing process of their property.  With this, the living spaces created fist the buyer’s tastes.  New home buyers for example, can decide where the bathroom will be placed, pick their favorite kind of flooring, or choose the paint color of the exterior.  And if you are moving into a subdivision, you can even choose the lot you want.

With a new home you can have a higher energy efficiency standard as mandated by building codes in almost all states.  There are two ways on how a newly constructed home can efficiently use and save more energy.  The first way is by preventing conditioned air from escaping by tightly sealing the building envelope.  The home features which make this envelope consist of higher efficiency insulation, windows, and doors.  The second way is by having green systems and energy saving appliances such as high-efficiency furnaces, stoves, washing machines, air conditioning units and refrigerators that allow home owners to save on electricity bills.  These features on homes that are newly build will last longer than existing ones.  If your home is new you won’t think of replacing your carpets, repainting your walls, or buying new appliances .

There is a warranty with newly built home.  If there are necessary repairs, home builder usually offer to take care of them for your first year in the property.  There will be hidden defects which you can only find after a few years of living in an already existing home, even if it has already been inspected.

Resale houses do not have modern fire safety features that you find in newly constructed homes at  You new home is required to have hard-wired smoke detectors and fire retardants into your carpeting and insulation.  Compared to battery operated detectors, these devices offer better protection against fire incidents.

You bargaining power is great with a newly built house.   The reason for this is that individual seller are usually emotionally attached to their property and It can blind them of its real value.  You can get a better deal with home builders because they can easily take up a loss. Know about Tallahassee Ox Bottom Crest Real Estate Agent here!

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